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Crowdfunding is a way of raising money to finance projects and businesses. It enables fundraisers to collect money from a large number of people via online platforms.

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How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding platforms are websites that enable interaction between fundraisers and the crowd. Financial pledges can be made and collected through the crowdfunding platform.

Fundraisers are usually charged a fee by crowdfunding platforms if the fundraising campaign has been successful. In return, crowdfunding platforms are expected to provide a secure and easy to use service.

Above explanation is from The European Commission website

As the title suggests, MaNe IDR can help firms to create their own crowdfunding websites in order to provide services of funding locally. As the Local Directive 87-10 suggests it is possible to apply for a crowd funding license as a CIF company.

Our team of specialists can offer you our services on the below:

  • Creation of CIF firm (in case of new firm)
  • Preparation and fill the needed form to be given to Cysec
    • Activity Program
    • Description of business risks
    • Business continuity plan
    • Description of verifying provided information from potential fundraisers and investors
    • Description of available financial means (equity, bonds, etc)
    • Description of Financial risks
    • Description to avoid conflict of interest
  • Applying for the license for your behalf
  • Build up website and support through CRM
    • create a record of the projects (approved, rejected, pending approval)
  • Forms to be sent to potential fundraisers
  • Prepare the marketing and promotion of the crowdfunding website , online and offline with proven track results
  • Provide Training for customer support employees but also reply to reviews
  • Act as outsource compliance officer for the crowdfunding section of the CIF


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