Bitcoin and crypto currencies are growing! The demand is increasing daily, as a matter of fact the demand is increasing by the minute worldwide! Let’s pay close attention to the word demand! It is not just a way of investment it is becoming a need for individuals and corporations! As a type of investment, Bitcoin showed for the past year, even more, signs of a safe haven asset or at least on its way to become one just like Gold. Various other crypto currencies are increasing in demand and their price respectively increased. The pandemic (Covid – 19) did not slowed downed the demand, instead pushed it even higher! WHY? Is it because it is not solely controlled by the banking Sector worldwide, is it because it is used in the underground economy (illegal use and distribution of fund)? – According to some governmental officials worldwide! NO it is because it offers both the ability of exchange and a gain in monetary value at the same time! NO OTHER type of investments offers both!! I’ll explain it as simple as possible! You can own a crypto currency, use it to pay, exchange for services and goods AND at the same time profit/gain   in a monetary value! Simply you can buy lets say a fraction of Bitcoin , have it increasing as an investments, THEN after gaining in value   use the profit or all of  it to either exchange it(in any monetary) ,make payments, buy goods and services, make investments in other assets! BitCoin happens to be the most popular one, yet other cryptos are becoming more popular and their usage is increasing and their demand for acquisition increases! So, it is simple INVEST in CRYPTOS! Last years prediction for Bitcoin, was to reach even surpass the $60k mark, we are not even half way through the year and it did touch the $60k , dropped a bit. We still have more than half a year to left, plenty of time for the price to even touch the $80k mark! Also let’s not forget the other crypto Etherium , Ripple, Cardano, their demand and movement speaks for itself!

Cryptos investment and trading is the way of the future!   


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