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The UK’s transition period came to an end on the 31 December 2020 and as your Investment Firm intends to continue passporting into the UK, it is now in the UK’s temporary permissions regime (TPR). The Financial Conduct Authority made the decision through a Consultation paper in order to effectively supervise UK activities, international firms (including those from the EEA) to expect those firms to have a physical place of business in the UK, whether this is via a branch or subsidiary. Then it will typically not be sufficient if a firm’s local presence is little or nothing more than a UK registered address.

Once in the TPR, FCA will allow a period as to be able to submit an application for UK authorisation. After period Investment Firms not interested to continue with a physical presence will be expected to run-off their existing UK business as quickly as possible. 

Based on above our team of specialists and associates can offer you our services on the below:

  • In case you decide to establish a branch then assist in filling the appropriate documents for the submission to Cysec or any other regulatory body
  • In case of subsidiary assistance on the registration and license of the new company in UK including any necessary reports.
  • Assistance in the search of Renting office space
  • Assistance in the search and hiring of required staff (at minimum SMF1 Directors* 2, one of them can be also CF30 dealer and SMF16/17 Compliance and AML)
  • Assistance on the required qualifications for the required staff.
  • Secretarial services for the branch or subsidiary
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts
  • Accounting services
  • Compliance and AML compliance outsourced SM17 officer
  • Tax Filings and auditing services as required
  • MINIMUM TIME OFFER of acquiring MT4 & MT5 white label on a discounted price
  • Website creation services
  • FCA Reporting service
  • New Liquidity Providers

Please contact us further for a quotation on your requested services either for a branch or subsidiary.


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